1. ZeroNightmare

    a bit rusty

  2. I

    Quick, before i get rusty.

    Someone come and accept my challenge. It's been awhile since i've done any contact, and i'm thirsting for fresh meat!!
  3. E

    New Wallpaper, ROY

    This is the first pic I made in I think 1 month that was for me, and just abstract. Im still rusty, but Please gimme some constructive crits and tips and what you think should happen. Thanks
  4. R

    Help Required - Poly By Poly Technique

    I've been modeling off and on for a little while now, things have been interupting me as of late though. So I'm a bit rusty, and keep discovering new things. I used 3DS Max 5, I was curious as to how people do Poly By Poly modeling though? I've searched for the right tool to do it for sometime...
  5. KrazyKarl

    My Freehand DBZ character!

    This one of my first, if not the first, freehand drawing that i have ever done... no ref pic or anything all from that rusty pile of junk behind my eyes that some poeple call a brain... so here it is, its wasnt really supposed to be anyone, but it turned out having extremely strong vegeta...
  6. Mewtwo

    4th sig in 6 weeks

    Man I have to stop changing my sigs so often, it's just that my friend (known on the forums as meggedo) told me my old one was bad. so here's my latest sig. What do you all think?
  7. VivaLaPineapple

    check it out

    im trying to get into a graphics art school so im putting together a profolio. what do u think of this to show case my works? yes i know the wires could use some work and yes i had to use a tut for that but i think it turned out nice. comments and suggestions plz. those empty black spaces will...
  8. I

    Skin my Gohan

    hey i have the skinmap of gohan's head done(made by ryuujino aka for the map goes to him) here is tha map..... all skinners have a go on him!!!! ( copy and paste) if that didn't work go to then to skins and get...
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