1. SS4 Gogeta

    Electronic tattoo display runs on blood Self-destruct mechanism sold separately ;)
  2. F

    What file runs esf

    Ok I have been using the shortcut that esf gives me to run esf, it never apeared on my games list in steam, My esf shortcut was deleted, so I have no idea how I am supposed to run it....I thought there would be a file in the esf folder to do it...But there isn't well I can't find it atleast...
  3. A

    i have counterstrike cz which runs of the half life

    okes people as u can see i have that runs of the hlf engine and i have a ledgit version of steam but it wont let me install it into steam so i can use if this is possible plz let me know plz
  4. L

    Who runs the =|PT|=ESF 1.2 Sucks :) =|PT|= server?

    I just got banned from that server by a guy named "sigh" because he thinks I tk'ed him on perpose(and that was my only tk all game). First of all it was an accident, I shot at a guy under him, but that guy wasn't "un haloed" yet so he got away and the splash damage got "sigh." Anyone know who...
  5. S

    I dont get it...ESF runs without the client.dll, but then it fails

    i took the client.dll out of the folder, and it ran, I created a server, but then the area where it told you to pick your person (I think, im new to it), an error message pops up and crashes...WTF now, this really really sucks, I have been waiting for 1.2 in hopes of it being totally...
  6. S

    Who runs the server

    I was just in this server under the name ESFn00b and some Slifer the Sky dragon guy makes a vote to kick me. I beat him and every one there but because they were new to the game. Any how I was lagging like crazy and still beat them. The guy accused me of hacking... I am not angry but find it...
  7. G

    Did you saw the model on the homepage???

    Did you saw the model on the homepage??? Great model and skin but th middle picture looks a little strange... what do toy think?
  8. E

    TriGun Mod WallPaper

    This is a Wallpaper I made for the mod Im working on. Its based on TriGun Anime Series, and it runs on HL - HL2. And so here it is.
  9. S

    ESF Runs Slow

    i just got the 1.1 and now everything goes slow my ping is low but lets say i wanted to stop moving or charging my character would keep doing it. and sometimes i cant move my mouse at all. can anyone help?
  10. P

    My Buu Skin

    Hey i made a buu skin tell me what you think. I decided to replace buu with a ball. I think it looks so much better than the current model. Look at it ITS WAY BETTER THAN THE ESF BUU I MEAN WOAHHHHHHHHHHH SO I MUCH BETTER My Aim: Pokekil ill send you the model you can also use...
  11. Z

    Runs really really slow

    for some reason the game is runing really really slow any 1 know why?
  12. G

    Wallpaper request

    This is a new request, unlike a model, skin, map, or sig. Im requesting a wallpaper. Now, would some one out of the goodness of their heart please make a Brave Fencer Musashi wallpaper? Without the backround being white or black? And without having pictures of the game in the wallpaper.
  13. Z

    piccolo % krillin

    are there any krillin or piccolo models out there?
  14. MSF

    Battle Damaged Goku

    [email protected], i have worked the last 2 days on a battle damaged Goku and ssj Goku here the Link for the model. please write what you thing about this. ps. thanks to AZN for the battle damage Gohan and the ESF team for this Goku model
  15. G

    Vegeta I made

    I have been moddling for about two weeks, this is my best model so far (I did not make the skin I just used the original beta 1 esf skin for vegeta) Now I know there are problems with the connections between pieces of the model, especially with the head. So if you have any tips with connecting...
  16. Darkshadow

    the other soundpack of mystic gohan

    when the good model of azn dragon came out Bdm Mystic gohan someone dont know who again made a upgraded soundpack and i liked that but because of the adminmod my esf stopped playing:cry: and had to install it again and now i lost my cool soundpack can that guy who made that upgraded soundpack of...
  17. Hash

    New Sig. Hulk Hogan Anyone?

    What are ya gonna do? When the Hulkamaniacs, run wild, on you? What do you think of my new sig? Any ways I could improve on it?
  18. Naz

    My first wallpaper

    Hiya I dicided to make my first wallpaper, and I'm pretty satisfied with the result :) The pic of Gohan is by AZN_Dragon all credit goes to him any c&C + suggestions is welcome grtz Naz-
  19. S

    Sky Map?

    I would love having a mid air map, where you can duke it out among the clouds... I mean, there would be white fluffy clouds, but inside all the fluff there's an invisible platform, so if you fly runs out you can land on one of those. In the distance you should be able to see Kami's tower...
  20. MONXver1.5


    There should be a section just for them. Its cramping the art section.