1. dudeman


    hya all!!! yesterday SPiN released the map i finished 3 days ago.. see it at
  2. S

    Rsm Forums GO REGISTER... i like the new look, and they couldnt use vb cuz of certain reazons... all the prevois accounts were lost so u have to re register... if i cant do this, ban me, i dont care not really plz dont
  3. R

    Taking animations and other files

    Does anyone know how and what all files I would need to take from a mod... to get it to work on HL? If all I did was modeled, and skinned the modeled... does anyone know what I would need? Thanks
  4. G


    hi all! every time i wanna download something a a field appears where i have to put username and password in. and if the download begins, in my Go!zilla window is standing" forbidden 403" how can i fix it? i only wanna download some models and somethinge else:cry: :cry:
  5. SierraSonic

    RSM is back up

    Red Saiyan Mod Resources is back open, its like a brand new restart as we have no files.... But it can only get better as we will be updateing the files sections soon. Maps, scripts, etc. Our new url is Enjoy!! .:Edit:. Site is haveing problems with its news script...