1. H

    How big will the new 1.3 client be? (Rough Approx?)

    Obviously you wont know for sure till much later, but in the closed beta builds have they been getting a lot bigger? Honestly, I expect the Final release to be around 700-800MB
  2. Nuttzy

    today got off to a rough start =/, Pc wont power on

    K, well what i usually do before i have to get up and go anywhere is get in a few item farming runs on diablo 2, and today was no exception. I decided i was gonna go make me some bacon and eggs, but on my way out i stepped on a thumbtack and kicked my surge protectors power button by mistake...
  3. Growler

    Rough Draft-- Figure this one out

    Just started this, Im debating outlining it in black ink and doing mixed media. Im going to shade it when Im done penciling it. What you guys think?
  4. T

    SsJ4 GoHaN DoNe 1.1

    well heres the first gohan ssj4 ill be released pretty soon. EnGoY :laff: .
  5. N

    First model

    My first model its a gun model i made in max not to detailed but i will get it detailed soon about 70% complete what do you think?
  6. Cold Steel


    I'm a clanmapper now, but i still want to show off here. Anywayz here's my newest map, it has the rosat and the lookout in one level, i know it's been done twice, but i wanted to give a shot at it, and see if i could pull it off. Couldn't make some large jpegs, my pc is having odd...
  7. TAz00


    Well the Neo clan just got another new map, Nc_Mario. And the theme is... The Mario Brothers, DuH! Here are some pics...
  8. G

    New Krillen model This is a new Krillen model I made. Its really not that great, and has quite a few polies too(2400). I was bored and I did not spend much time on it. I see the problems with the neck and torso, I want get better and learn so if you see any...
  9. Logan4434

    improved Vegetto

    i tweaked Brollman's Vegetto to be a little more vegettoie so... comes with SSJ and cant see many of the changes in that pic.i also added some animations from Azn and the dl link:;D
  10. TimTheEnchantor

    Dakilla wallpaper..

    Not customized, didn't know what you wanted for text..
  11. D

    My *NEW* Site Banner...

    Hey, what do you guys think? This will be my NEW banner for my NEW site layout. :D
  12. G

    The head of my model...

    The head of my model, it was aimed to look like Vegeta, didn't spend much time on it at all, its like a rough draft of my rough draft. Kinda hard to make hair. What do you think?
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