1. Tassadar

    RIP Rosa Parks

    More info here:
  2. Cold Steel


    I'm a clanmapper now, but i still want to show off here. Anywayz here's my newest map, it has the rosat and the lookout in one level, i know it's been done twice, but i wanted to give a shot at it, and see if i could pull it off. Couldn't make some large jpegs, my pc is having odd...
  3. K

    Is there a Hyber Bolical Time Chamber map?

    Is there a map like the one in the gallery you can give me a link to or something? please tell me :] TY VERY MUCH :D
  4. Baaja

    Map Help

    Guy's i need some help. The esf_rosat and esf_mid maps are all messy on my comp...they keep blinking in a greyish color. plz help.
  5. M

    Map: Room of spirit and time

    Hi people I'm pretty new here , infact this is my first post i think. :) I'm Micardi, I'm a mapper and I love doing DBZ based maps. Here's something i did the last couple of days. Any suggestions,comments,ideas ?
  6. T

    Another Skin Request

    Was wondering if someone could make some skins for Gohan, these are the requests 1. Gohan in gokus clothing, like in the movies, forget which one :rolleyes: 2. Gohan in ROSAT training suit, like vegetas Thanks in advance ;D
  7. M

    A glitch in the models!

    ive noticed in some maps... ( like rosat) that the characters in some places of the map turn all black! I was playing one time and all of a sudden my character is just black. Im not sure what is wrong with it.. if its just me... but if its not ? maybe fix that:p Does that happen to anyone else?
  8. Kama

    New ESF Kami Lookout Ok well anyways, firstly these are from the new ESF map, it isn't my work so don't think that. So I was wondering, in the first pic, is the level actually that far from the...
  9. S

    New Namek

    Im just guessing on this one but are they going to have the new namek map and the Room of sprit and time room in the game.