1. Grega

    OK im at the end of my rope

    After reinstalling Windows 7 when i upgraded to a 64bit CPU im facing a little problem that i can not fix. Now i got a really old sound card plugged into my PCI slot. And when i was using the 32 bit version of Win 7 i simply installed the drivers and it worked. I got some drovers for Win...
  2. D

    Amx with Ninja rope

    i made a zip file to easily set up amx just unzip to your esf folder Download Mirrors: -have fun -Dragon P.S. If anyone has any extra space on...
  3. D


    tell me what u guyz think???
  4. S

    battle woundet veggi

    i made a battle woundet veggi (not done) ill ike to hear how it is so fare......o_o