1. S

    Grav rooms

    Ok so training in the grav room made them stronger right? Well that's all a bunch of phuee :fight: I should only make you faster, since most of the stress is on the feet and the legs. Now if they were lifting weights in that kind of gravity then they would probably get stronger (((Arm wise)))...
  2. Yazuken

    Weird compiling warning and error

    Hey, when i compile i keep getting the following warning: Using Wadfile: \sierra\half-life\valve\halflife.wad - Contains 5 used textures, 100.00 percent of map (3116 textures in wad) Using Wadfile: \sierra\half-life\esf\esf.wad - Warning: Larger than expected texture (348972 bytes)...
  3. D

    hi there need a work

    if enyone is boring soo plz do me a favor make a map for me. a map with db`s and secret rooms and mountains and ich must also be big ps: plz 14 db`s
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