1. L

    New maps from me!

    I've made 3 maps for ESF and now i'm working on the "room of ghost and time". It's almost finish but i have to make the temple of god. Somebody would like to have this maps? Write to **[email protected]++**
  2. HYBRID2000

    Where is the ESF chat room

    Where is the ESF chatroom????? what channel???? plz tell me :(
  3. T


    hmm, the pic looks good.. but i think there have 2 be some open spots in the city.. where else would you be able 2 fire your kamehameha/finalflash attacks.. you can't shoot such an attack in a small road between 2 skyscrapers... you will never hit someone.. :S
  4. M

    Gravity Room

    I've started to make a gravity room map for ESF. i've put in sensu beans in the gravity room, up high, so it's hard to get, ya cant jump off of the ground in non-turbo mode and flying is hard, but if turbo ya can get the sensu beans a little easier. Here's where i'm a little stuck, what should...