1. S

    Naruto Hospital Roof Map

    Hey all I'm currently working on a map where Naruto fought Sasuke on the roof ( At The Hospital) :). Its still in WIP and dont look at the textures, I need to make other textures asswel. But please give me some critics. I'm Thinking of making a stair at the door that goes down and then you...
  2. X

    roof of lookout/rosat?

    hi can someone tell me how to do it? i made it with a cylinder,used the clipping tool and made it into 2 tiles.then i lowered the upper one,clipped the upper again and put it a little bit down again so its nearly a half circle but when i make now light on it the pieces are not one above the...
  3. S

    My First Map

    Ok I've started my first map. Its a little neiborhood with 4 houses. Its still under majon construction b/c i still have to add trees bushes and etc.. and change some textures around to make it look better. Heres a screen:
  4. Mr. Satans

    Sphere Theory

    I came up with this idea a few weeks ago but forgot about it and it finally came back: I thought, "Hmm what about building a sphere in the same way an igloo is build, rectangular blocks" It might be tedious work but if done right it could result in a VERY smooth looking sphere.
  5. Warrior_Elite45

    Link To A Tutorial I Need?

    Can anyone get me a link to a tutorial that tells you how to put things such as buildings and stuff in my map? I get the ground and everythin put there and I don't know how to get buildings and things there. Do you have to make them first using a program? Because I have Gensurf. Can you make...
  6. AscendantSaiyan

    Map Suggestion. Not an Idea.

    Could u use a previous HL or any other mods map if u extented the roof of it. It might be hard due to the rescaleing, different textures, and probally mapping stuff i dont know about WC (although i have mapped for Deus Ex with UnrealEd if u interest in see it mail me) anyways i havent...
  7. T

    eclipse model coooooooooloooo

    heeeeeyaaaaaa new model!check it out