1. john_volkov

    Romanian Patch

    So i am going to make a patch that makes evryting in romania all I need it's some romanian for the voices of the player contac me at yahoo id: rambo_j_v msn : rambo_j_v skype: rambo_j_v
  2. LionHeart

    FIRST EVER ROMANIAN TORUNAMENT it will be one every month and i won this one now :D i want to thank grega for all the help since i met him,jakut for that he suported me every time ;) and especialy mephisto for borowing me his acount thx guys i couldn't have done it...
  3. ssj3Viper

    A romanian monument

    This is the romanian "arch of triumph" (in Bucharest), i will make the area next to it when i feel like it: Here's the reference i used...
  4. Super Sayan 3

    For all the Romanian PEOPLE

    Salut baieti intrati pe serverul meu de esf si mai am o surpriza cititi numele asta invers si aflati cine sunt YERDNAfse :) banatul (cica) :)) intrati multumesc... I said to them to enter on my server Byee :D
  5. C

    Whos NOT romanian

    Well, I've asked around and noticed that in fact a lot of my online friends either are Romanian or are from Romanian decent. I myself am not at all Romanian, but as I stated earlier a lot of my online friends are, so i was wondering how many people here are like me, and are NOT Romanian.
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