1. N

    ESF Romania

    Hi all, with all romanian players i did esfromanian comunity :) :) and its oficial :) all romanian users please register :)
  2. john_volkov

    Snow started in romania

    hehe 2day just started snowing who like's the snow ?
  3. M

    Whos from romania ?

    just wondering .... i'm from here /there :)):devgrin:
  4. CS-LAND

    Romania - Germany (Soccer Game)

    Ok, I am romanian(the only on the forum) and I think I may create some enemyes on the forums by posting this. But I CAN'T STAND THIS I MUST SAY IT! ROMANIA 4 - 0 GERMANY And it's only half-time! hihihi I am so happy... Wonder what the final score will be :) Go Romania!!!! :yes: btw...