1. S

    ROFLMAO, no Naruto in Holland

    check "Breathe easy, no Naruto in the Netherlands Reported by: Tazmo on Saturday, November 20th, 2004 at 09:05PM It turns out that a prankster pulled a trick on several large anime websites (including this one) and wrote in a title for the Dutch translation of Naruto. We...
  2. L


    Damn funny movie
  3. Bryggz

    For those who were waiting for a certain gotenks pack....good news is on the way

    TOTAL CONVERSION IS IMMINENT!!! OKAY credits!!!! S-bolt- for ssj2 gohan hair and arms Xstortionist- chest/lower torso Ssj3 HAIR and JACKET and compilation of model pieces- me, Bryggz :-) Azn- Sash (made from his gohan's bandanna) Final edits/Cleaning up of model/compilation of the...
  4. A

    Roflmao a new suggestion!

    Maby when you want to use melee you can like left click and it says "Melee is on" and when you want to target somone same thing but it says "You have targeted Vegeta"but I think the Melee is on thing could work because sometimes I hvae trouble targeting a bot or a human playing ESF from kind of...
  5. Mr. Satans


    Click HERE For More! :shocked: :D :p
  6. J

    Shogo Mod: Shinobi Model

    The new shinobi model, Model by our new modeler, SA_Gohan: if that does'nt work, copy and paste this:
  7. S


    Looky what I found...