1. SS4 Gogeta

    Robotic Exoskeleton helps the disabled move,2933,514059,00.html
  2. Froggo

    First (re)skin try for Froggo :D

    Well its my first skin try for anything :D Supposed to be alittle Cyborgish' Tell me what you think and remember, its my first
  3. L

    robotic model im making need skinner/ animator

    im in the poccess of make a robotic model for esf, ive done the head, neck and upper body... its a really simple deisgn but looks nice. it you want screen shots someone is gonna have to host them for me.. i need a skinner and animator if possible cus i dont know how o do it... i plan on...
  4. S

    Robotic Assassin Skin

    well, saw this model on polycount, had to skin it... here it is... i really dont like it so im redoing it...
  5. SA_Gohan

    SSJ Goku

    Goku in form 1 supersaiyajin. Could you tell me what you think of it? Thanks Poly's = 1490 BTW: it's not for a mod