1. Damaera


    I had Enix send me an early version of his Pein model so I could try extruding a robe. Here's what I have so far.
  2. MickeyG

    Jedi robe

    well i started modeling after i saw starwars tonight(attack of the clones).. i wanted to model clothing and maybe ill finish the head 2 :D well i got this in 30 mins C&C and when you crit.. tell me how i can fix it.. draw overs and such.. oh and does anyone has a tut how i can skin...
  3. Tassadar

    Christmas Goku lol

    lol, my first shot at a skin, it will probably be my first and last, took me about an hour cause im so god damn stupid. Anyway, I guess credits go to the original goku modeler/skinner. I figured out how to do it in all colors but I thought red/green would look interesting lol. This was just a...
  4. T

    WIP King Kai

    well i was bored today and alot of ****t has been happening to me and well i just felt like laying low today so i devoted today to learning 3ds and ****t is what i came out with. *edit i already made his robe longer
  5. T

    Pikkon-Remodel and Reskin for ESF 1.1

    I havent compiled it im waiting for 1.1, its almost done i just gotta fix the rope to make it look more like pikkons and the chest a make it sharper and eyes heres a render if you cant see it copy and paste UPDATE new pic I changed a...
  6. G

    where cani host skins?