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    rivalry of legends request

    I have this request for ROL (rivalry of legends) rol.flagrun.net for info It is this mod dor q3 i am working on. my reqeust is that we need ''texture makers'' for the mappers so they can have more time making the maps, and less to worry about the textures and make better maps. if you are...
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    Rivalry of Legends Transformer Animations

    Here are to max animations pre game :-) (if theres such a word hehe) www.rol.flagrun.net/files/Galvatron.avi www.rol.flagrun.net/files/Prime.avi There is an issue with the laser fie starting to early on the galvatron animation easy fix though, crits and comments are very welcomed ! Laters...
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    Fantasy Arena 2 - Rivalry Of Legends - Lots of Pictures

    Hi here are a set of screens of my new map for my quake3 mod. www.rol.flagrun.net The maps about 10% complete but heres some of the progress so far !
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    NoN ESF, Optimus Prime

    Hi guys, just posted the new Optimus Prime skinned model for Rivalry of Legends, Check the potw for a full screen render!!! http://www.rol.flagrun.net/index.php Thanks for your comments and critz Showster
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    Rivalry [Goku vs. Vegeta]

    Well, Yesterday my Isp went down so I made a Wall for fun I know I said 10 mins but I lied :rolleyes: It was more like a 20 minute wall... Anyways, Enjoy :)