1. Ness

    Lord of the Rings Online - Now Free to Play!

  2. Desmond Tiny

    Lord of the Rings online?

    If you don't know what I'm talking about click http://www.lotro-europe.com/index.php and read up about it Now I have summer coming up and exams are over and I need a new vice(a new game to play that will kill my almost dead social life) I'm getting a new HD TV and a nintendo wii (as maze...
  3. Gohan Ssj

    Mad TV - Lord Of The Rings

    Also crazy.. reallly funny! http://rapidshare.de/files/4709188/SMG_MTV_Lord_Of_The_Ring.avi.html (Hope this one will work bhaa)
  4. G

    rings wallpaper ?

    ya i used a tutorial for this but i gave it my own edge. rate and c&c plz :D and before all of you are gonna complain about filter usage. i DID use the stylize > wind filter.
  5. U

    vegeta rings.

    has any one seen i think its when there on namic and vegeta uses his rings on goku? he points his finger and gets 1 around the kneck 2 on hands 2 on feet? it keeps him still for an attack. i think vegeta should have it. so that way you could use a combo on him. while his stuck to the wall. i...
  6. C

    War of the rings VS. Warcraft III

    Which do you guys think is better and why. 1. Warcraft has better graphics, and gameplay is a lil better. Thier bassicly the same.. but, eh.
  7. N

    Lord Of The Rings Signature

    hey all.. i maked an LOTR signature.. what do ya guys think about it ? crits ? greetz Niracle ps: i did it make the sig very fast not put allot of work on it :smile:
  8. [SAS]Orion

    Lord of the rings

    I was inspired by the two towers, and seeing how i love the two films, decided to make a sig! Pity it didn't turn out all that great :( It's not too bad tho! What do you think? Is it as good as aragorn? or maybe as good as pippin in a fight!
  9. U

    wats with redsaiyan.net

    wat happened to redsaiyan.net it just wont work again :cry:
  10. |Da|K|

    clock work-indy

    jus some indy i made :-p
  11. VivaLaPineapple

    one of my drawings(its a good one)

    http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/1565918 the description aswell as image is in that link(non colored version). the colored version is directly under this sentence.
  12. Optimus Prime

    Lord of the Rings parody Funny Stuff!

    Of course it's on Poogrounds, which sometimes is dead slow and the movies dont load, but enjoy anyways! http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=88286
  13. Z

    run rings round

    wtf, this guy ran rings round me - i block a melee and you know how you can counter with one well that failed and he managed to get a second hit after the first ??? wtf? also when 2 beams hit each other - does primarry attack make your stronger? adding on this guy would use teleport right...
  14. L

    Lord of the rings

    i just wanted to kno who was your favorite charactor in the lord of the rings
  15. A

    i have a couple cool SS's or beams making rings

    i have some really cool screenshots, but i dont got a clue how to insert them, sum1 help!:cry:
  16. E

    Did anyone buy the Lord of the Rings DVD?

    I know I liked the movie, and I went out and bought it today....only to learn that a new version, with HOURS more of special features and 30 MORE MINUTES of the film is going to be released on November 12th. I also found out that if I buy that special package through amazon.com, I'd get it for...