1. Damaera

    test for guyrider!

  2. DiebytheSword

    The Red Ring of Death

    It's finally happened to me, and I must say that thus far I'm not terribly impressed with Micro$oft's repair process. I waited 4 days for my return label to be emailed, called them again, and I was told to wait an additional 24 to 48 hours for a new email to be sent. I took the time to get the...
  3. imported_EVIL_GOKU

    The Ring 3???

    Well...it;s 23:20 and I have just finished watching The Ring 2 :P Cool movie...from what I have heard they will make a continue to this serie....still in the ring 2 the things are kinda raped up....I mean what could they do in the ring 3....also...reading on the net.....saw that The Ring, and...
  4. [F.co]Kirby

    ESF Torunoment ring

    I was wondering if any one would be kind enough to make this :) or to show me how to make it i would greatly appciated it to i dunno forever? The idea behind this is to have a to scale budokai ring for an offical ESF budokai tornumet (if it happens :D) all it would have to require is the...
  5. Cold Steel

    Vegeta's ring attack.

    Many of you guys think vegeta is an overloaded powerhouse right? Well, still there is one attack that would own in ESF. When vegeta was majin, he fought goku. He used these ki rings to lock goku to a rockwall. Well, it's those ki rings that have to be in. How it would work? Simple. Yust...
  6. N

    DOOM Zombie by Nicho

    I did a really odd picture last night.. It took over 2 hours but I was soooo tired after I had finished.. I had a crazy Image like.. the horror of Rob Zombie's music combined with the fellow ship of the ring, or maybe DOOM I came up with this drawing.. I was tired but completely awhere of what I...
  7. S


    Hi. I have no idea how to make a map or what is possible in them, but what about some npc´s who stand around or run away from the evil guys. Like some nameks on the namekmaps or some guys in the budokai maps who stand around the ring... maybe muten roshi and the others :laff: Is that...
  8. Naraku

    What would you do if you were in the movie The Ring and that kid called you

    i would kill that qweer who called me and said 7 days
  9. S

    the ring

    if anybody saw the ring please tell me what it's about cause in my country we have to be 16to see the movie so please tell me thanks anyway :)
  10. B

    Ten bud map

    well i am a very noob VERY NOOB mapper this is my first half life map so i hope i am doing things good and all and i hope i can also get it ingame but with some help of you i will get there i hope i am using the new GTK radient dev that has a half life compatible too the textures are just to...
  11. Skinnerfool


    man i bored i'll skin or do reskin but its will be in bmps form so u have to put the skin ur self in halflife viewer so i'll do skin requests
  12. Shuyin

    Vegeta Ring Attack

    ***Just right click where the pictures are and go, Properties, get the url address and copy paste it into your browser*** Ok, i was saying about this on irc the other day so i thought i'd post it. Vegeta has a move when he is majin where he fires of a small ring that traps goku to the wall...
  13. H

    New Map????

    Is anyone working on a map for when vegeta and goku first met like in the mountain's, and if has all ready been made can you give me the link
  14. G

    esf_sumpthing ( dont have name yet)

    got some pix up of my new map in progress, comments are welcome :) http://users.pandora.be/Goes/map
  15. E

    Execrated Designs // Wallpaper

    Execrated Designs = a small art group witch holds, naz, LynX( aka Eclipse ) , and me This wallpaper was made by naz and me ... Comments ? ( and no the background isn't black, it has a 3D wave in it behind it, barely seeable though... )
  16. J

    "map" idea

    hey is it posibel to edit cell day to do this: when somone touch the floor he die, he only may touch the tatami put the rocks as destructibel, but with lot of health
  17. jeff_d5

    the KI RING????

    ok i finally got this pics now here they are cool huh i made them myself took a while to perfect it and discovered it by accident lol. its so fun to always do if you wana know how do to it just ask me. (or il post it in a couple of minutes)
  18. M

    New Weapon Model for something or other

    Ok here is a sword I did the other night. If I animate it I will also animate the ribbon things on the end there which would be extremely fun to do (*sarcasim*) But it will be a good thing to do, to get my brain working.
  19. Deverz

    Real Art

    took me about half an hour please post comments did this in photoshop btw