1. Tenzo

    Rigging Brolly model for 1.3

    Can someone rig the 3 ecx brolly models [normal,ssj,ussj] for esf 1.3 openbeta? because they're high quality in my opinion! :) edit: well...anyone?? :)
  2. TigerGEO

    Rigging problem help :P

    Hey guys I'm new in rigging and I tried to add a mouth with 4 bones.I assigned the vertices to them but when I compile my model it looks like this lol: NOTE: I added the new bones to the head. My question is, how to assign the vertices correctly?
  3. J-Dude

    Rigging: Smooth Movement of mesh; a little help?

    In a character creation process, rigging is always the worst demon. While getting characters to move is easy enough, doing it so the mesh follows properly is is a dreadfully taxing issue that seems to have no true solution. I know I'm probably a greenhorn to rigging in most respects, but the...
  4. PiXel

    Rigging in Milkshape (questions)

    i´d like to know something´s about rigging in ms3d. i setted up the joints and even assigned them to the mesh. 1. why sometimes when i rotate a skeleton the mesh get scalled? 2. can i mirror the skeleton? edit: *3. im trying to import my cloud model with the texture, but when i add...
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