1. Ravendust

    A Small Revelation (Fusion Reborn)

    FUNimation have launched their new DBZ site with a Movie 12 theme, which has information on the upcoming film (April 2006). The form thats fans like to call 'Fat Janemba' has got a name in the dub: Janempa. Also, the representation of Hitler has fallen under the more politically correct 'The...
  2. GhostfaceKillah

    ive had a revelation

    well it seems that the majority of the people in this forum SUCK BALLS, so ive decided to go out in a flame of glory tim, you're probably the only one here who posts "real" art, keep it up
  3. S

    A Revelation!!!

    Well not quite, just a suggestion and two things: (read the whole post will ya) first a coulpe of thougths: I am new to the forums and the game (well i have been playing the game for like 2 months now, in a lan so i am new), so if my suggestion is already out then bear with me. :]...