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    voice revamp

    I personalywould like for cell in his first form to sound like him, not liek his second form, also maybe when a chracter chrages an attack, as long as your holding down teh mouse button they keep the long chrage up voices, liek when goku chrages up his kamhameha, he continues to go...
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    Goku revamp v2.

    This is a redo of my old goku, new head, neck, and some tweaks.
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    Suggestions for a major revamp

    Ideas for future development of ESF. Revert back to 1.0 - i know will take alot of work but read on. Every character must be balanced so, every character gets 2 unique moves, ie goku gets kame and sb, picollo gets sbc and maesenko. Each character should gain a move at their...