1. Killface

    I've returned

    What's been up everyone? Been a few years since I've signed on. Anyone even remember me?
  2. Spunky

    Jack Bauer has returned! D:

    Anybody catch the Day 7 premiere last night? I did and loved it. At first I thought the idea of Tony being the bad guy (not a spoiler, that was in the trailer) was kind of lame, but I think it'll turn out ok. It's kind of funny, now he has a little goatee because he's evil and he talks in the...
  3. tekhsheen

    I've returned.

    It's been about 2 years since I last visited this forum. I can see the big changes already, but 1.3.0 still seems to be on a steady hill still. I've also looked back at some of the threads and posts I made back then, I'm not impressed. I think of myself as a big noob now. I couldn't believe...
  4. J-Dude

    DBZHOOD has returned!

  5. C

    Cruzharo has RETURNED!

    Well I am back hope you missed me! lol I had problems connecting...
  6. C

    Cruzharo has returned!

    :laff: I am back every one!!It's Cruzharo!! O_O Ya I have been trying to get in here for months on end... So I desided to make a new USER acount hope you guys don't mind... SRY for my absence I realy tried to stay but everything went wrong this is my fav forum and everything it owns...
  7. Delusional


    After going through alot of family issue's and lowering bills (by losing roadrunner and cable) I'm finally back! :laff: its so great to be back on the forums......Anyway what have i missed and.....SOMEONE PLZ HELP ME THROUGH THIS TRAGIC WORLD OF DIAL-UP AND 56k =/ I have a low speed internet...
  8. DiebytheSword

    Super Saiya Chris . . . I have returned from my leave of absence, and now we continue

    I challenge you to a new battle, with a venue you will hopefully be familiar with. Do you accept? Or will I crush someone else?
  9. T.G._Cid

    I have returned

    Hey guys its been 11 weeks but I'm back from army Basic Combat training. I'm glad to see that ESF is still here and going strong. well I just got home and its midnight so I'm going to sleep later guys
  10. Seph`

    Thy beast of hell hath returned!

    Well, you guessed it, Devil is back... Yet again crashing the popular servers - And it seems with a vengeance. As I typed this 3 servers went down in 5 minutes, and there were like 5 other before it. God I sound like a news reporter :] I'm going to get his WoNID. I think he's on DoA atm...
  11. G

    I have returned

    For a long absence from the ESF forum's I am back just in time for Beta 1.1. And from now on I will not do all the things I used to on the forums. I just needed a little break from the forums.
  12. MaX

    AURAPACK Has returned. 1.5 RELEASED!. there ya go. i dont got any pics. but it is alot better. cl_fxquality 1-3 is the diff qualitys. 1 lowest FX 3 Best FX. anyway. extract it to. esf/models and overwrite the files... *copy and paste the link*. and critz to please.
  13. G

    The Devil Returned in a Unsual Way

    I happening to be flying around the server where he just appeared right in front of me so i started to whoop his candy ass but everytime i was about to finish him off he crashed the server but he really went to far this time i knocked to the ground and all of sundden flames of fire just covered...
  14. L

    I have returned!!

    For those of you who don't know me I was Liger Zero, for those of you who "knew" me, hi!!!! How have you all been? I kinda dissappeared cause I lost my pass and changed my e-mail. Well hi to you all again!!
  15. E

    USAX New WallPaper

    Hey all, I have returned. Here is a WallPaper, throw out some input.
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