1. bapplebo

    Norton Ghost Restore Help

    Note: I do not have a floppy drive. Right, so after I formatted, I Ghost-ed my C: drive so I wouldn't have to re-install Windows again. Now, I need this backup, but now that I realize I cannot restore the image (C_Drive.v2i) through Windows. So, my question is? If I burn the .v2i image into a...
  2. Growler

    Drawing Competition - Restore Rome | 11/22/05 - 12/20/05

    I was watching a video today in History... It was a video about how Rome would have looked like back in the day when it was a sprawling empire. Take the image provided and sketch how you think the city would have looked. The Picture, as you noticed, is in ruins... so, re-create the picture to as...
  3. 4xMega-Saiyajin

    hey u mappers!!!

    Well is there a good mapper from u available? I need one!! He should do me a Neo-Vegeta Map (u know this planet from the movie with broly) and i wanne have a map for esf with that and with a poster on which is standing ...