1. J

    IMPORTANT!! Gir is gonna be responsible for a minor!!! =o

    IM GONNA BE AN UNCLE!!! my sister is preggers, (not my fault...) but she is putting the kid up for addoption. i feel that i would rather look after my relative, rather than let someone else do it. so i am taking the reigns =] discuss!!!
  2. Kama

    KK, to ESF

    I used to do mini comics on the DMZ forums, I posted this one, based on my experience with the ESF modification, there awhile ago, it had a good reaction. So I decided to try it here, if you guys like it I may do more. Or show my past ones... which don't relate to ESF but I still enjoy. So enjoy!
  3. We$$ide

    re-animations for beta 1.1???

    in beta 1.1 are some new attacks, but shouldn't some models be reanimated like goku with his kame torpedos? *edit* i mean models which are made like the ssj2, ssj3 goku ect.
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