1. P

    Hosted Game Not Responding!

    OK I'm playing on steam through version 1.2.3 . I have correctly port forwarded the required ports, turned off all firewalls and set sv_lan 0. Although I've done all this my game still does not appear sometimes and when it does it isn't responding. P.S I've tried through a dedicated server and...
  2. @

    Keyboard not responding only in esf

    hey, ive been playing esf since 1.2.1... i know thats not a long time or anything, but its at least significant enough to know when something isn't right. now, my friend has a pretty good computer, and runs esf at a constant 70 fps, with no dips at all. however, i noticed that double tapping...
  3. K

    Steam ESF not responding...

    Hey, I just got the Steam version of ESF yesterday afternoon, and after I got it all up and running I played it against a bot for a while. Well, this morning while I was offline waiting for a phone call, I played Half Life in its regular client in the campaign mode.... After I finished playing...
  4. P

    Wise Installation Wizard Not Responding

    I used to play back during 1.0, but since then my computer has been reformatted and I haven't reinstalled it. I want to now, but I've downloaded the file from about five different places and they all do the same thing. It starts up the 'Wise Installation Wizard', goes to the default screen of...
  5. Devion

    Hint to guys that are responding to skater.

    Just don`t reply. Try and contact a moderator or admin.
  6. Mystacx

    Please some models!!

    People I would all like you to post links here to every SSJ2 models there is!! the reason why i am not using the final request thread is that nobody is responding!! so please help me and every other human with this problem out!! ´cause i am desparate!! EDIT: come people help me out here I...
  7. V

    how/ where do i apply the aura?

    can someone tell me where to put the aura that i d/led because i cant figure it out??:confused: :confused: :confused:
  8. O

    can anyone plz help? nobody is responding?

    K...i just got the game and started to play.....everytime i start the game and play for a few seconds the damn thing closes itself and sends me back to windows? (when im begining to fight) why is this i have a pent. 3, 666 mgz, etc more then enough 4 counter-strikes system requirments? so wuts...
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