1. Ernis1100

    Esf final resource usage / optimization

    Hello, so i've been away for about a year now i wanted to find out what are the teams expectations upon the system requirements on the game, i mean by the time you've done even people in low social class will have a computer running Crysis. I'm asking this because some time ago I've heard that...
  2. sub

    Who says oil isn't a renewable resource?

    Liars, that's who.
  3. R

    Resource Tower

    Aint posted for a while so thought al show u's what im doing. A more detailed model of the default NS Resource Tower, model by ZeroByte and texture by urs truly. New: old:
  4. RavenTrunks

    Resource Request

    Im making a DBZ game from a program i got, and im just wondering if i could have permission to use a few sounds before i use them. Ill give full credit to sounds used.
  5. M

    New ESF resource site (not open yet)

    Hello everyone... I keep seeing more and more threads of IS THERE A GOOD SITE LIKE REDSAIYAN...??? And no there is not one site as good as redsaiyan was (not yet) is comming close to redsaiyan but not close enough.. i will start a completely new site like redsaiyan with...
  6. M


    hey i have been lookin every where to get new models for esf. Since redsaiyan has gonew dowwn i have been at a stand off at getting my models. Do any of yall know where i can get new models.
  7. Stanz

    Any free workers out there?

    Ok, to be honest I am in desperate need of modellers and skinners right now so if your intrested please goto my forum by clicking on the sig below and read up on EPT and stuff if you dont know about it. Thanks alot. *SITE WILL BE BACK UP ASAP, IM REALY SORRY ABOUT THE DELEY*
  8. VivaLaPineapple

    website layout

    can i get some suggestions or critz plz. making this for a friend, its ganna be a CS resource site
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