1. U

    24 bit to 8 bit!?

    Ok I have run into another problem, I have reskined Mystic Gohan to have a Red Suit, but now I when I save my BMP I can only save it with 24 bit color, and it won't apply it in HLMV. Do all HL skin have to be 8 bit? If so how can i get it down to 8 bit?
  2. JM LE FOU

    esf 1.1 model faces reskined

    all the character of esf are great , but they faces are not like in the show , i will make a new face for them...l
  3. S

    i reskined a gohan and need help

    hey i need help i cant get my modle will not go to mdl and i dont know how to and it allso give me this no script file can some one help me pls