1. RobiZ

    Need a little help for my research paper.

    Well basically I'm doing this Research work :paper: for my school. It's about Translation Methods in languages. So the main thing i want to research is : Study different translation methods and research how they are changing the quality of translated text and if any translation problems can be...
  2. dutchmeat

    Doing some research

    Hiho, I've been keeping myself busy with this project ETLive(, our aim is to develop a similar platform as ID Software's Quakelive. The game we're trying to port is called Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, which is a free WW2 shooter released in 2003. (The game itself...
  3. The Deco

    Give me link to research please

    If im not mistaken there was a research that says that each day about 100 tons (if im not mistaken) of ice coming in Earth every day and melts in the atmosphere to water. Can anyone of you link me to an article/detail/information about this?
  4. Kaination

    research report help!

    i need this by the end of today... anyone know any good sites for the american revolution? im doing it on propaganda. so if anyone can help me find a good site with propaganda on american revolution, that would help. PLEASE I REALLY NEED ANYONES HELP!
  5. ~*Logan*~

    Did some #18 research

    I was researching Android 18 a lot lately and thinking how she can be in this game and be balanced with the other characters. However, I do believe 18 is usually looked over by other games in terms of power and skill. So I figured her stats should be like this... Android 18 Normal Form...
  6. Eider

    reskin Krillin 2 ^^

    Owkej, I was terribly bored this evening so I started thinking ... My female model for esf isn't working so I started with remodelling and reskinning some original esf skins . :talk: I just finished my reskin and remodel of Krillin 2, I shall show some pics tomorrow but first I need to...
  7. U

    a skin i made

    okay this is a begginner skin okay i just made it
  8. Gogeta

    n00bies, cant stand them...

    I CANT STAND YOU GUYS LIKE {CHEESE} WHO ONLY WATCH THE DAMN CARTOON NETWORK SHOWS!! THEY THINK THATS ALL THERE IS..... THERE IS MUCH MORE YOUR MISSING, swearing, gore, even some nudity!! THESE are all in the original japenese episodes. All I saying is research the info that you don't know before...