1. elcor

    Free sanctum key (Facebook require)

    Hey everybody, If you don't know , Sanctum's company each 50 like on them facebook page give free key for the game "Sanctum" I just spread the word , if someone have interest for that game. Good luck if you try to grab a key ! /Sorry for my ugly...
  2. The Deco

    Require games for PS2

    OK im bored from my ancient ps2 games that I have so much. I am board from my PS2. Now I hardly know any games, seriously and definitely dont know what is good. So all I need here is a PS2 games recommendations. It can be anything, seriously, throw anything you got, thanks. (for SP, not MP)...
  3. Barney's_Soul

    What will Unreal 3 require?

    As in system specs, I know that Ut2k4 worked on a Geforce2(!), but will Epic continue this tradition? Do y'all think that it would work with a 7600GS?
  4. A

    I require a New Sig.......

    .....With matching Avatar. After they are created, I can host them Myself. As I go along, I notice many sig Ideas....and unfortunately the Idea I had most recently has already been Taken by Magus.....Beavis. So while I sit here thinking "DAMN'IT! DAMN'IT DAMN'IT DAMN'IT!" I need to...
  5. M

    Require assistance - Quitting Fetish of ESF

    HL=>ESF=>Multiplayer=>Lan=>STARTING THE GAME... Precaching(Spelled right?) .... after a few torturing minutes it makes the right sound of the map sorrund stuff ( EX. in falls.map_extention it makes the sound of splashing water ...)... then it quits me out of ESF sorry if same problem was...
  6. N

    would this work?

    if I tried to put an esf skin on a diffrent mod would it work? oh,,, i tried it and it dosen't so ya close
  7. G

    Kaio question

    Is it possible to make like øøh kaios planet and make models like kaio just standing in front off the hoause and just loking around. that would be cool ps. they shuldt be a part off the map not ``fill´´ (so to speak) the map o_o
  8. Eider

    reskin Krillin 2 ^^

    Owkej, I was terribly bored this evening so I started thinking ... My female model for esf isn't working so I started with remodelling and reskinning some original esf skins . :talk: I just finished my reskin and remodel of Krillin 2, I shall show some pics tomorrow but first I need to...
  9. I

    Spirit of Halflife

    I've had this program for a wile...and i think other people should start using it. Its a tool called Spirit of Half-Life and you can get it here It helps map making alot. Open GL is a nice thing to have for this tool. /if you dont have see some strange things. But dont ask me what the...
  10. G

    Mirroring pics

    What is a program that I can mirror pics?
  11. C

    Require decent shot of Brolli

    I am finding it fairly hard to find decent pictures of Brolli to use as a model base. If anyone has some decent full body shots or can draw some that would be great thanks. Im looking for base and normal ssj shots please.
  12. O


    and yet another medabots model. this one is pheonix the fire breathing..uhh..pheonix? crits welcome. click me foo
  13. N

    System Require ments

    Umm.. i juz wanted to know if ESF will be able to be run in the graphics setting software as i do not have a graphics card that supports openGL