1. L

    35 days up in milkshape.... what do i do?

    topic says it all... and it wont let me redownload... plz help
  2. Skinnerfool

    Gt skin pack

    i need a reffrence pics to skin some models cuz that guy who was making the gt skin pack didn't did well so maybe i'll copy him and try to make them better
  3. VorteX

    bug report

    i havent looked every where but i have looked around, but when i am charging up and regaining my ki its like a pauseing time and i press the tab key to check the stats... well when i do that my Half life minimizes down to my desk top and when i get back in to half life i have no sound.. its...
  4. Moshe Kipod Ham

    Bug report

    I'm new at the forum so forgive me if it ain't new: The Client.dll file isn't acsepted by the game when I try to play so I had to copy another one (team forretress) to Half Life/esf/cldlls. I have to type the name of the model I want to use I f I want to play and I can't hear the music or use...
  5. N

    FORUM BUG, thot i'd report here

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  6. Vegito1180


    Why Do I Keep Getting Banned.I Dint Do Anything?
  7. [SoB]-Bones-

    -BUG Report-

    Hi After long time Playing ESF i found some Bug´s and hope i can help ESF Team with reporting them here . -1 Dragonballs So the Dragonball´s are placed all over the Map , if u collect them and make your wish , the Balls sometimes are spawning on unreachable points , i saw it on ...
  8. C

    New bugs report

    Everybody already mentionned about the fact that in a blockstrugle,the beam that you are blokcing is not on you,so i will not explain about that one. But here is another oen : if you launch to ball at each other,i mean missile attacks,like genkidama and deathball,the 2 will get stuck,and...
  9. Optional


    when i change my map to .dxf and .map it doesnt compile into a .bsp...can any1 help?(im using zoner's compile tools with valve hammer) anyone whats wrong??
  10. L

    re-enable report this post to mod

    i find it annoying without it.... that was a very beneficial attirbute to have on a forum (DMZ lacks it, but i wish we had it). Should it be re-enables? it saves a lot of time, and notifies admins easier about trouble makers, flamers and downright morons
  11. Ecchi Pr0n

    Status report

    ok before i start /me gets bucket or water for arising flames okay now we are ready i was cruiseing the mod scene and i notice that something helped keep the question "when is the mod coming out"a status report and i was thinking since it would reduce the amount of questions that we...