1. -Origin

    Prediction: 3 replies.

    Latest drawing. It's me! Could be better but meh. Drawing is relaxing.
  2. -Origin

    How long will it take before I get replies?

  3. -Origin

    I'll post this in my art topic once it gets some replies.

    Latest drawing. Feeling pretty proud about it to be honest. ^_^ Stuff in white below this sentence. :O also the very, VERY first coloring I've done.
  4. ~Dark Trunks~

    ussj 2/ powerpump idea!!! sorta need some replies =)

    iight everyone knos about the debate over whether there are 2 forms between ssj and ssj2. some say there are 2 and some say there are one. i think 2 cus goku showed both in the time chamber but grega thinks it was jus pumping up his muscles but wutever. anyway since trunks is really the only...
  5. A

    Suggestion on Gift for Girlfriends (Replies from Gurls Preferred)

    Hey, everyone I just registered, but have been viewing posts since the days of beta 1.0. LOL i feel like a big loser makin a thread about dis, but seriously im confused. I finally found a girl I like to have relations with, either than jus foolin around lol, pretty dum i knoe cuz im only 17...
  6. solidus

    Solidus Returns

    Im back! <expects comments of "u been away?" and "who?"> Hi, im Solidus, from such threads as the Link models. After the Link thread being closed twice, i had decided to leave this place forever, and i left...... I have now decided to give u one more chance, and here i am, back and more ready...
  7. S

    Android 17 and 18

    First of all , my first post so Hiya all :) Iv been looking around for a good android 17 and 18 model , after hours of reading on the forum and looking around i found a model of #17 (still gotta test it) , and talk about a Android Pack been made by -S-Bolt--, but that threat was from a...
  8. Lethal_Vegetto

    Is there a Buu Saga Vegeta Model?

    Ive been looking everywhere. And i cant find one. Ones that i have found dont work. Like the .zip or .rar has a corupted file in it. Plz tell me where i can get a Buu sagga Vegeta model for beta 1.1. Thx
  9. G

    I wanna see the skin of SSJ3 Goku

    Not possible? Dang...
  10. Ultra33Gokussj3

    My apologies to the PRO

    Listen , i am sorry for what i sad , if i insult you , i am not traing to BEE YOU , i am traing to BEE LIKE YOU , to bee a PRO and make real good edits , in the begining i thought , why wount you give your edits then i thought that if you wont then i l make edits like yours i m just giving...
  11. Black Saiyan


    Can some1 walk me thru how to make the body ect ect
  12. N

    Vegetto helper

    Hey, a while back i noticed alot of people trying to make high polys dbz models for new game engines like UT2003. Most of the time they slapped polys around without really thinking of whether they were necessary there, or whether they could be used somewhere else to add more shape, or for...
  13. X


    Hey guys, you people are great modellers and I am just wondering if any of you know where I can read a couple of good modelling tutorials for 3D's Max. I really want to make something so any replies are welcome. Thanx :p
  14. KrazyKarl

    Brolli Re_revised.... Brolli3

    Once again... I have tweaked him...
  15. B

    First Vegeta[fight with goku]

    here a pic
  16. S

    another 1 from me but with a little brob...

    i drew a pic of gohan...but the thing is that i dont want to remote link the pics. so i was wondering, can i post the address to my site and from there ull go to the pics section, or i can just post the links to the pics here?
  17. M

    Anime Ref. please

    If anyone coould help me out i'm gonna start drawing anime again and i wanna make a sig ir an icon for my nameon here and i need some reference pictures of little kids in anime like for example tata from chrono trigger and goten but i would like realitvly big ones so that it shows detail and i...
  18. S

    new lava map.

    i'm making a new map. it's a lava one. but im stuck and need some help. so if ur a mapper and can help me plz plz plz e-mail me or pm me or whatever. plz! my e-mail is [email protected] and i have msn. plz i need n e help i can getz!
  19. O


    another medabot. electric kitty thingy. anyway feel free to criticize or what not. you need viewpoint. click me foo