1. Chakra-X

    Final Fantasy:Dissidia Replay Editor

    Final Fantasy Dissidia is already an awesome game for the PSP by itself. I almost wish future normal FF titles would play more like it. Wonderful graphics, great fighting system, and tons of replayability. BUT, after a fight is done, you can save it and view it later from more interesting...
  2. Slofreak

    Replay !?

    How about when you die you get a replay of your death like 5 or 10 sec before you died ofcorse u can skip it if u wanna with any key ?
  3. P


    Very good man!:yes: :yes: :yes: But when you release it?? I can't wait!
  4. C

    Problems with recorded demo replay

    I can record fine but when I try and replay it shows everything except the actual character. I can get an aura effect and all, but not the character. Ive tried looking back at the archives for the tuturial but when I click on the link, its not there.
  5. T

    hello all

    ey peeps im new in the esf forums but i played it afcourse :) well im a learning modeleren and pro art designer i can need some help with modeling so if u are trying to help me just replay here thx.
  6. Farago

    Instant replay

    [Read everything carefully before you post and be honest] Hopefully this hasn't been suggested. If it has then I'm sorry. Anyways I think it would be cool after you got meleed or you meleed someone, a screen on the top left would appear. The screen wouldn't be that big. I'd say 1/16 of...