1. DarkVegetaESF


    I recently found a gogeta model and i download it to .mdl and i want to add it or place another one in ESF 1.3 Open Bete.How do i do that?I use steam ;)
  2. L

    Replacing models or Adding Models...

    How do you replace or add models in game???? and where do i get nice models for ESF...???
  3. N

    Replacing default ESF powerup/turbo animations with those in ECX

    So I was wondering... how can I replace the default powerup (e key) animation and the default turbo (t key) animation in ESF with the powerup/turbo animations from ECX? I tried doing this earlier today, but nothing I did seemed to work.
  4. The Deco

    Replacing moves question.. help

    Lets say I don't like a model's look but I like how he does his moves (Like basic melee is nice looking kick) and I have another model that I like its looks but his moves looks bad. How I can give the ugly model moves to the nice looking model?
  5. B

    The Wii is replacing physical therapy. At least they're moving.
  6. K

    replacing cell with vegitto

    before i go and delete all my old cell files, will this mess up because cell has a tail and vegitto doesnt? I love the fact that cell has all the attacks and more speed then anyone else, but i think hes ugly. And id rather play as veggito. I just want to make sure it wont screw anything up if...
  7. G

    here some questions......

    where can i download the gotenks mod? is there some way that i can download new "weapons"? is there some way to do that i could transforn more than one time? is there some way i could put new charecters without replacing the old ones? when does the next version of ESF coming out? and what...
  8. CM

    Power Pole Goku (ANIMATOR NEEDED!)

    Ok, i need someone good to animate the powerpole. Make him use it like a sword trunks uses. PM me if you want to try to animate. DO NOT PM me if u do not have experience. EDIT: he will have a strap soon.
  9. G

    replacing models and sounds

    Ok you know when you replace models you have to change the filename of the new model so it is the same as the old one? When you replace sounds do you have to change the filename of thw sounds so the new one is the same as the old one aswell?
  10. G

    replacing models

    I can replace any of my models with newer models for example i want to replace goku with chibi goku but it comes up with an error message saying it cant cop goku. access is denied. What is wrong?
  11. A

    Are U Able To Use These Models In The Game

    are u able to use those models in the game? i downloaded one and i dont know what to do with it.
  12. M

    New Model , How to use it?

    I had just downloaded a new model and the site said that there was suppose to be a README.TXT file in the DLed ZIP file Well , there was not! none so please guide me and tell me where exactly each and every filetype should I put? I really dont want to take an unsure risk cause the last...
  13. Stanz

    model command

    I expect most of you knew this but you dont actualy have to replace the models when in game you can just open up the console and type model name only seems to work when your hosting however but with custom models im not sure, Also sometimes it dosnt change you have to do model anything but...
  14. S


    Hey there how do i get my sig to work?
  15. We$$ide

    goku Db request

    can someone make a dragonball goku for replacing trunks(in beta 1.1), cause his magic staff can replace the sword, en his burning attack can be the kamehameha wave
  16. GotenksOwnz

    Wats the right codeing for sigs.

    Hi i am a newbie on this so i would like to know wat do i put around my sig to make it show up here thanx for any help.
  17. M


    Hmm.... i wanted to ask the team if they can release the beta 1.1 with some places for other characters made by anywan who likes ESF so we won't need to replace them anymore?...... thx in advance
  18. Epedemic_Optikz

    New Sig

    I Kinda Like This Sig So Im Gonna Replace It!! :] EDIT 72: ok there we go finally.:]
  19. A

    Replacing Own Sounds In ESF

    Guys I replaced some esf sounds but 1 works and the others don`t. Its wierd because my friend tried it also and same result. I converted all to wav file. There should be no problem...I replaced 4 sounds and 1 of 4 works. Any Comment Why?
  20. .FM.

    this took me a few hours

    this took me a few hours this is art! what do you peeps think you like or you dont like (dont even flame me cuz you dont think this is art well fu then this my art. none of this anit art and none of im sick of all thes sigs well deal with it) thank you and have a nice day :)
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