1. Zeonix

    Droid Infantry Replaces Military Next Year

    Give or take 60 years. If the Japanese would stop building robots that dance and greet people, they might be at our level o_O.
  2. Jimesu_Evil

    Raditz v3

    I have updated mine and Brollman's Raditz model to be 1.1 compatible, and also made some new improvements. Check it out... Here is a list of improvements: - Edited the hair, now it looks more like Raditz hair (the old hair looked too neat) - Added his red armband and legband -...
  3. Darkside

    help a newb

    i just got lightwave 7.0 and i've been staring at the screen for about 20 mins not having a clue where to start... anyone got any tips or advice for me? i want to make a model that replaces trunks
  4. R

    someone answer me

    :confused: what the point is creating models/skins ?? Can you put them in to the game and play with them?:confused:
  5. K

    Ten Shin Han model?

    Anyone know where I can download a Ten Shin Han model? It's one of my favourite characters and should definitly be included in future ESF releases... his ki blasts just ROCK!! - this is one of the coolest blasts in DBZ
  6. Bangoth

    model request........

    Can some one plz make a Yamcha model that replaces Krillin(closest character to Yamcha) and could it be he one with gohan like hair and his tranformation would be the one from gt thx
  7. Guerilla

    All the pics of my skins:

    that skin is my evil vegeta which replaces the not-done model that is the not-done model/skin good on the left, evil on the right and here are the other skins for the evil team: and lastly, my 1337 DoD scores after 1 hour of play