1. B

    u dont need to rename maps

    hi umm when u put new maps in ur esf folder u dont need to rename them like models where u rename them ssjgoku.mdl u dont need to rename maps right thanks
  2. S

    How Im New To This Game

    how do i get the models such as gotenks,vegetto,etc to work in the game
  3. K

    now i need to delete my old esf ???

    to install the 1.1 i need to delete the old version? in this version i still can use the old models?
  4. M

    Original Goku

    Well ive lost my original Goku skin could someone plz send it to me My Mail or add me in msn [email protected]
  5. Eider

    Menu Pictures esf

    YOOO, i've been busy whole evening making this: If u changed ur skin from gohan to goten, u can put a new file in the directory u need (read readme). They are the pictures that replace the default ones, u'll see. it's hard to explain :p i...
  6. SSj_Gotenks95

    Character Help

    Is there any possible way to add a character, so that I dont have to erase my other characters to use it???
  7. S

    Anyone Have goku model

    I really need the orginial goku model that came with esf. the Goku.mdl file i need it back. Is there anyway i can get it. or may some body send it to me plz
  8. K

    check this out........

    i made a wav of goku when he goes ssj3 and i wanna put it in the game....... how can i do it?
  9. A


    ok nevermind that question how do i reskin a model i got milkshape and adobe photoshop and they still wont work or either i just dont now how to workem somebody plz help
  10. Macro-Gamer

    My new sig.

    My new sig, tell me wat you think. If pic doesn't work then copy and past the following:
  11. D

    How Do i get these charters like goten to work in efs

    i tryed it but it dosnt work i mean how can i put it in
  12. Lil Gohan

    New Sig

    I just learned how to use Adobe Photoshop so i made a sig. crits please :]
  13. S

    Recompile of normal mystic gohan for normal gohan

    Could someone take the normal mystic gohan and recompile it for the normal gohan seeing as we now have an ss mystic gohan for ss normal gohan. Or tell me how to do it
  14. I

    torso making tut! the torso making tut u may have to rename .ace to .zip or something anyway have fun and learn from it.....
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