1. Skyrider

    Choose what should be removed?

    I've removed the following game, seeing it can't be used with the hi-score system: - Bubble Shooter Classic Now. What other games in your opinion should be removed from the arcade? I'd like to see all the suggestions. All the removed games will be replaced with new awesome games for you to...
  2. Skyrider

    Games Added & Removed

    Games that has been removed: - The Wizard of Blox 2 Reason: Easy score with the walk-through. Others are still under consideration. New games added: - Magnetic Marble - Steampunk Killer - Icecream disasters - Alien Incursion Survival - Samurai Fruits - Adapt - Shopping Cart Hero 3
  3. Skyrider

    "Source" Thread Removed on accident :s

    When I removed my own posts within the source thread, I accidentally removed the whole thread. For those who are searching for the thread, my apologies. I couldn't cancel the action when I noticed it was about to remove the whole deal. I "could" recover the post, but the last forum backup was of...
  4. Damaera

    Why Was The Chat Box Removed?

  5. Kaination

    I might surgically have 1/2 of my finger removed in my pants

    Well, let me start off the story with some background information. I'm in karate, and I'm a red belt (two belts away from black) and we're going to do a demonstration at possibly Orlando, Florida. My instructor gave me two swords to do a double sword kata (or form) Anyways, the sword is if...
  6. Y

    Gliding.. Removed?!

    Wanted to verify this rumor. Was gliding removed as if it was an exploit?
  7. dan_esf_fanatic

    Should superbot laser be removed?

    Have you ever gone head-on with a superbot, and he just fires a superbot laser at you and you cant come even close to stop him? Even if I set the laser percent to 0 he still fires it at me and this makes it impossible to fight him. That's why I think it shouldn't an option in ESF 1.3. Who agrees...
  8. T

    ever been to REMOVED

    for all you perverts out there this is a site for you. now go hurry up REMOVED hurry up onca again REMOVED after you go tell me about it
  9. lust

    Fat lady dies after being surgicaly removed from couch its old, and dont flame me because others might not have seen it..
  10. H

    Glowing Smo SSJ2 Goku

    Heres an edit I made a while back.. complete with glowyness... A few people wanted me to edit my SSJ2 Goku from a while back. Said the hair was messed up. So here it is: <BR><IMG SRC=""><BR> Hope you like. Credits go to Smo for making the...
  11. warboy

    brolly sounds??

    hey i need brolly sounds for my brolly can someone get me some?
  12. S

    The Dan Die Collection

    the dan die collection..............#4 & #5 follows more comming soon Links removed due to obscene language.
  13. R

    Skin Edit: Bloody Majin Vegetto

    Hi all, I edited the Vegetto model from: Metro, Tek & Ned This is my first edit: *** pics removed by S-Bolt-- *** I'm waiting for the: Metro, Tek & Ned autorisation to publish it, if they refuse i will remove this... I'm just waiting your opinions... * edited by S-Bolt-- for...
  14. Celticus


    OKEY!!!! i'm gonna release my ingame screenshots!!! (i always call them targa's because it are targa files) :rolleyes: some pictures are from 1.0 models because i started when 1.1 wasen't released yet Here's pic: and here's the file...
  15. Death The Jedi

    The best Red Saiyan yet (well.. IMO)

    All credit goes to Mr. Smo for his sexy Goku models, and maybe alittle bit of credit to whoever designed the RS logo.. **EDIT** Tell me which color hair you like better, that's why they both have different hair color, so I can get opinions on it..
  16. t he OnE Z Er0

    how many tranformation would they have in 1.2

    i wish they could put more transformations at least 3 and fusions if it was like that it will be my favrite game:talk:
  17. Optional


    Who made it? Can you release it? :cry:
  18. VivaLaPineapple

    a little image

    um i saw ryokos indy image and said hey why not try somethin like it. comments and critz plz
  19. A


    I got a problem. I wanna copy trunks sword, on to another model im working on. I cant save yet but Im gonna buy milkshape today. How do i copy and paste the sword onto another model, I already group selected and removed it off trunks, but how do I copy and paste. **EDIT** Ok, I...
  20. S

    3 New Models coming !!!

    Hey There, The Dragonball Warriors team is working on 3 new models: Chibi Trunks Goten (Battle Damage + Non BD) Gotenks and maybe we will somehow the first ever made fusion in ESF... How why and if I will leave a secret for now but if it all works out, you'll be soon playing a whole...