1. M

    i would like a dragonball remodeling or reskin

  2. M

    Can someone help

    Ok i try do do some remodeling can someone tell me how i combinate two models like Vegettos body and vegetas arms or something else he always showed me a problem with the skeleton it so i cant import two smd s with skeleton and when i import one without he cant export because of everything like...
  3. Culex

    Custom remodeling suggestion

    Its for Frieza. First of all, your gonna have to replicate the "action figures" off of the fantastic site that = (more specifically the link is First, he can start out in the one he wanted, then turn into the cruddy one...
  4. DaKD

    Trunks Bojack movie version

    heres a model my little bro's workin (goes by OpTiMuS) and its just a WIp and his first edit so dont be too critical O yea dont even say it the arms suk right now lol