1. True-Warrior

    Funny threatining message 2 relative via phone

    I was wondering have anyone felt this way to any relative? :) its worth listening all the way Its entertaining jus' listen
  2. D

    KI relative to PL

    Sweet and short. Make a player's displayed power level (as they appear to other players) a fraction of their real power level equal to the amount of KI they have left out of their KI maximum. I'll try to simplify this: Say your KI is at 50%, so half your bar is colored. When people...
  3. D

    Changing classes: Keep relative PL?

    If, and when you feel inclined to change classes after awhile, does your PL from all your *hard* work(haha...), transfer over to your new class? Porportionally of course or whatever, linearly, expontially, blah blah black sheep. So... does it? Or do you have to start over? Just wondering.
  4. F


    what do you think?