1. veqeta

    Reinstalling Windows? How do I do it? :P

    Well, since I'm computer illiterate, I came here to ask how do I go about doing this? since you guys know so much :P I don't have the windows xp thing on a CD so I probaly have to buy it... Anyways I just want to know how do Re install windows and get it running smoothly again. Btw, could i...
  2. LionHeart

    reinstalling windows

    is it possible to reinstall windows without the bootable disk? I had a windows xp cd some time ago but I missplaced it, luckaly I made an image (.iso) of it, now is there anyway I could format the C drive (I got C and D drives) and reinstall windows without a bootable disk and only using the...
  3. T

    After reinstalling HL and updated the game to

    After reinstalling HL and updated the game to the lasest version everytime, I go on a server in ESF it says Game is out of date when it is not help plz. Also i install Steam with a clean install, so i could play CS 1.6 though steam which is the only place you can play it so it also install HL in...
  4. B


    I cant reinstall it..........It gives me some error and the screen shows Modify, Remove, and Repair all 3 give me an error.....I delete a filel on accident......I know what is wrong the uninstall file from the registry.....the uninstall file.....anyway know which one it is? It's like...
  5. A

    Re-Installing ESF

    I was trying to speed up my computer by uninstalling and deleting half life and all the other mods ive collected, then just reinstalling half life and esf, but now when i try the esf setup file will only repair for some reason, and then breaks down half way through installation with multiple...
  6. M

    Where can i get the original models?

    I, being the idiot i am, decided not to save the original model. Is there any way (besides reinstalling) to get it?? Thank you.
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