1. Gatnne

    Ps3 Games Region issue

    Hey guys, is it true that all ps3 games have no region coding, so you can play american games on a australian Ps3, Visa Versa?
  2. Ravendust

    PS3: Region Free/Free Online Multiplayer

    About time the PS3 got some good news. Sony will still be offering a premium online service (which you have to pay for) but it's good news to most that simply playing games online will be free. The fact...
  3. L

    Ash - Hoen Region.

    Hello Everyone, Been along time since ive posted anything... that had to do with anything. Here is ash, a player model for pokemod, it has wasted polygons and a few triangulation errors but nothing i cant fix, the hands are going to be replaced with new ones, and yeh. A special person is...