1. Disguise

    Ki regeneration and Stamina

    I was thinking that Stamina should create penalties and bonuses for players. If Stamina is full, you will regenerate health. -If you kill someone and have time for a breather, you'll recoup a little before your next fight. 5 HP per second. You'd have to untrans to really get the benefit from...
  2. Punishing


    I don't know if it was sugested before but when Buu is cut by destructo disk or frieza disk just take half of his life and then his body regenerate.
  3. JM LE FOU

    buu bot regeneration

    i like to play against buu bot but when buu bot got low energy he will make regeneration and will not move , someone know how to not alowed buu regeneration for bot .
  4. MajinVegeta Tim

    Regeneration after discs for buu and cell

    When buu and cell get hit by discs they die even tho they can regenerate. so i think that if cell or buu get hit by the disc they should take damage depending on whether the disc is fully charged or not, then they will be cut in half and be unable to do anything except charge regeneration...
  5. Suh Dude

    Clear Regeneration Design

    Heres the New Design Of Clear Regeneration AKA Slim Designs Note: This is not final. Im still working on it. Im trying to make it professional, and simple as I can. A new staff of Slim Designs is making a layout too. As everyone voted for Clear Regeneration On the NTP forums, so the name it is...
  6. A

    New Buu's Regeneration Idea

    How bout being able to toggle Buu's Regeneration, so that while you fight or do whatever, you will be regenerating HP over time at the expense of a small amount of KI (not PL). Kinda like having turbo on.. The rate of HP regen i leave up to the team to balance; if they consider it that is.. Well...
  7. Shuyin

    Buu's Regeneration

    Should give health back (2x?)faster when turbo is used, But should use up more ki. At the moment its okay on a big map with not many people to get a few sneaky regenerations in. But it's not that effective since you can heal for say 10 secs, then someone does one beam or melee combo and you...
  8. M

    Regeneration after Sword/Disc?

    Ok as in the outline its shown that people hit by discs & swords lose body parts... is this based on hit detection? ie hit on the arm lose an arm etc? as my sugestion is if the following chaacter are hit in the arm/leg by a disc or sword and lose a lim perhaps these character can...
  9. Denz


    If somebody suggested this then shut up I m suggesting it again! Buu has regeneration right!Then Cell and Piccolo shud have regeneration right?Just follow tha show and u'll c that.And dont say that ESF is not following the show rules!Come on man some critz!!!
  10. B


    I think it would be a good idea to put in the game where team mates can help you regenerate health. Like in GT when ssj4 goku gets his ass owned and losses all powers how all ssj's powered up around him and gave him some of there health and strength. I thought this would be cool if like you...
  11. [SSj]~Piccolo

    Regeneration for everyone

    I think everyone should have minimal passive regeneration. To make it like in the shows, it could be the weaker the nearer you come to death (so "superficial injuries" heal quite quickly). The only problem about this: We'll have to think about something different for Piccolo and Cell ;)
  12. [SSj]~Piccolo


    I know, this has already been suggested during Beta 1, but since it was not implemented in Beta 1.1, I thought it would be useful to mention it once again: Piccolo and Cell must have regeneration just like Buu too!
  13. Wing Zero 0

    Regeneration Kills?!

    This is really weird. Last night I was playing ESF on the mountain side map. I was playing as Vegeta, and there was this guy playing as Buu, and some other people playing as well. This guy was being kinda cheap, using melee on me all the time while I'm trying to charge up my Galit Gun...
  14. V'


    I have fought many battles and theres one thing that still makes me mad. The fact that the fighters can't regain health. Yes I know what your thinking somone has already suggested this. I have a different approach to this idea, maybe a new concept. OK, lets say Joe and Smith were fighting a...
  15. D

    Piccolo's Regeneration! -- READ

    If it is a Water Level, piccolo should be able to fly in the water and regenerate. He CAN do this, its like a Sensu Bean to him. Because he doesnt eat he drinks water. <Watch the first brolly movie, he does it>
  16. Wyatt

    Trunks sword, disc, & regeneration

    When Trunks gets his sword unless the sword is already coded totally awesome heres imo a kewl idea. Primary fire could be a stab and 2nd fire could be a slice to chop sum1 in half. Now when you get chopped in half ur hp is at around 25 or 30 but... if your cell, buu, or piccolo you can...
  17. icu2

    regeneration pods

    I hope you make some other maps but these are great too you could make a map of namek with frieza his space ship and in the ship there are regeneration pods where you can get in and heal yourself
  18. Ultraq

    buu, regeneration, sensu

    ok .. since buu can't use a sensu bean, his regeneration should be alot faster, because u know .. sense bean restores ur helth in less than half a second! but buu ... the one that can regenerate himself what so ever happenes to him, his regeneration in the game is sooo slow.. so slow that there...
  19. Mr. Satans

    Making Map ~ Suggestions Needed

    I am having a map making craving lol. I haven't made a map for a while (A few months ago I made DMZ_NeoTournament_D/_N). I know what sort of a map I wanna make but I need some suggestions and ideas from all of you to make it better for all players. I am going to make a map that is mostly...
  20. Nretep

    Piccolo and Cell regeneration ???

    One Question 2 ALL my idea: I think Piccolo and Cell must have an attack named "regeneration" ... during they make this attack they can't move themself and their health regenerates (very) slowly ... Their PL would be the same like before but stops decreasing ... Not like in DMZ...
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