1. *HurleyBoy*

    did die or something?

    i have been trying to access this page for a while now but it doesn't work anymore....what happened? :(
  2. Goku SSJ3

    does anywhone know why is rs ( down again?

    well i check rs every day but its not up. Why's that? does anywhone now? :cry: :cry: :cry: I LIKE RS I WANT HIM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! GIVE RS BACK! :D PretyPlease :D
  3. K


    i really wanna get some more models
  4. A


    Everybody has been leaving links so soundpacks and what not, but all these links lead to and has been shutdown for some reason or another. Now I've been playin ESF for a while now and I was just wondering is there another place to get these files that people post on here...
  5. U

    wats with

    wat happened to it just wont work again :cry:
  6. I not working?

    Is it just me or is it not working, this pisses me off because i just d/led hawk_ice's gohan model, and i went to go to rs and d/l the adult gohan sound pack...and what do you dont work!
  7. t he OnE Z Er0

    could someone do something about that kid buu they put in

    i think that buu needs more work and needs to be for 1.1
  8. W

    Is down?

    Hey guys! Is down? because everytime i try to go there it goes "Gateway error occured" Can anyone help me?
  9. G Problem

    It just happened about three days ago but, everytime I try to go into it says certification denied or page not found. Why?