1. Gama

    DV13 Krillin redone

    I redid my krillin model im not looking for C&Cs just looking for a skinner so can someone skin this for me plz? Thanks to Trowab for doing the arms
  2. S

    bad guy concept... redone

    bad guy concept... redone UPDATED Tryin out my brushpen, havent used it in a while... it really sucks not havin a tablet :( i miss it, anyways, this is a redesign of my desert sun badguy, he's called Brendan. Hopefully now he looks a bit more evil and scary, and i buffed him up a bit, i know...
  3. CM

    My old trunks skin, COMPLETELY REDONE!

    Remember when i skinned Turk's trunks (the pants and chest) and quit? well i restarted the whole thing. I wanna use it to try out for NND. Its still WIP, i need to do all the wireframes plus the ears. Credits: Turk for the model, and JB for the skinmap (and Nuttzy for critz on hair and Iceman...
  4. Devion

    ESF models and there scale

    Well I noticed something about the models when I was playing with Sin Goku USSJ Vegeta. Well I was fighting cell(bot) and I saw that Semi-Perfect Cell is smaller then Vegeta.(Ussj) Well I thought thats because of the ussj model. But when I deascend the model(compare with non-ssj Vegeta)...
  5. sexyasian86

    Bojacks Movie Trunks [ :O ]

    well credit goes to esf trunks [ss_vegeta] ssj 4 gogetenks for the torso and arms. and for the hair. also to me for editing the hair and the rest of it. finished the model. *edit here is the new non-ssj trunks enjoy ^_^. the NEW bojacks trunks. *edit2 here is the new ssj...
  6. E

    Gundam Wallpaper redone

    I wasnt happy with the last ones typography so I re did it, and added a few more touch ups.
  7. Optional


    will the mapper who made it please release it to us! i dont care if some people didnt like it cause i think it looks absolutly awsome!
  8. S

    BROLLY skin for esf beta????????

    i heard there is a brolly skin for esf beta but i've not found it. Does anyone know something about it???????
  9. Freezer 75%

    Bebi vegeta pack redone

    ohh and could ya maby ya know maby make a good bebi vegeta pack most r crap vegetahas spiky hair and bebi vegeta has a mohawk
  10. Raven Blade

    Which Model would people most like re-done?

    Basically I have finished vegeta and dont wanna touch it what other ESF model would people most like re-done?
  11. fatmanterror

    SSJ3 Goku WIP

    hey here is my ssj3 goku, the skin is only a temp, my friend is gonna try to skin it, if it turns out well ill show the finished product when its done, here ya go everybody, i know it looks a lil screwy but remember, to make a really good ssj3, it would take waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy to many polies in...
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