1. Kaination

    Rock Band Recruitment! (Need expert singer, drummer, bassist!)

    Anyone wanna play online some time in an expert awesome-fest? Xbox 360 only hehe I can do the guitar expert and 5* nearly every song, I was wondering if anyone here can play expert vocals, expert drummer, and an expert bassist while mostly, if not all, getting a 5* / gold star on all songs...
  2. I

    Recruitment Suggestion

    This may have been mentioned before and rejected, but I was thinking of putting a new forum here. The subject? Developer Wanted Ads. I'm sure that many of the people that visit this site can produce material for game engines such as: Half-Life 1, Half-Life 2, Unreal 2003+, Quake, so on. So why...
  3. B

    Help for my MOD needed

    Ok im Working with my friend on a Evolution MOD and it works fine but i need to Create Evolution Model Packs non saiyan,ssjssj2ssj3ssj4..... and many more for all esf standard models. I need a very good skinner and a second good Modler !!!! If any want show me his work and he can see a...
  4. Z

    need for modlers and mappers ($)

    hy i need some good modlers im making a rpg kind of game with all the dbz poeple in it i need good modlers animators and mappers for q3 ( its on the same engine) (if your models are realy good and so on you wil ofcourse get $ ) anny one up fore the chalenge :rolleyes: p.s you may not...
  5. S

    Art Challenge + Recruitment

    Hi this topic is aimed at 2 things; One I'd like to issue a challenge for all you photoshop crazy gods on these boards to help design a logo for the RoL Website For those of you who are going ROL, wtf is ROL, RoL = Rivalry of Legends
  6. Mr. Satans

    [ph34r] Recruitment

    Now That Winter Vacation Has Begun, [ph34r] Will Be Recruiting Almost Full-Time. To Join You Must Pass The Tryout Tests Which May Or May Not be Easy -- Depends. Anyways You Will Need Stribbs_Budouki Which You Can Pick Up Over @ Red Saiyan Mod Resources (I Know It's For DMZ But The Server...
  7. R@!D3R

    -]DS[ Clan Recruitment (Dark Saiyans)

    Hello, we are a newly created ESF clan and are in need of members with talent. We have a dedicated server, it's ip is and the website is under construction but you can preview it here for now. If you are interested in joining you can...