1. Damaera

    Update #4 - Forum Competition, New Recruit, Updates Recap, Status Update, Gallery

    ESF :: Update #4 - Forum Competition, New Recruit, Updates Recap, Status Update, Gallery <p>Welcome to our fourth update! We have a busy agenda for today. We will be discussing the Forum Competition, the New Recruit, an Update Recap, a Status Update, and an image that has been added to the...

    New Recruit....

    I wanna join a clan or group :D, gimme a hola!!
  3. B

    i'm looking for animator for a pokmon mod

    i know the most of you people dobnt like pokemon so if you dont like it dont read this post. The best pokemon mod named "pokemod" is looking for an animator, you dont have to be good but you have to be able to make some basic movements like idle animations and some attacks. The mod is...
  4. V

    availeble modellers

    Are there any availeble modellers that want to join my mods team?? this is no advertisment, so plz don't close this tread] If you can do this, PM me...
  5. T

    Im searching or people who can model/skin realy good

    hey im making with some other people a mod called Dragonball Full Strenght we hope to make this mod popular and need all good help. its based on quake 3 and need very good modelers/skinners i realy thank you if you have interessed plz respond here thx heres wat we need more:
  6. Effigy

    Im not sure if we are allowed to recruit... But...

    My friend Dark Knight and a few others and I of course have began to build a new Half-life RPG like master sword... EXCEPT ITS DBZ.. full stats system any what have you. I am the sound artist, like Freedom is for esf, but why i am writing here is because we need to recruit a moddler for the...
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