1. Nuttzy

    recovering a milkshape registration?

    i have a registered version of milkshape on my old computer, (not cracked). and i want to make a certain model for esf, rather remake one that i had a long time ago and it requires milkshape, now i CAN just use my old computer id rather just keep it all here if possible. anyone know of...
  2. Sicron

    Recovering lost data...

    Well last week my girlfriend tried to look at the pictures she made with her digital camera and she was able to view them just fine. But yesterday, she wanted to see them again and suddenly all her files were gone from her memory stick. So I tried to recover them with various programs, but I...
  3. Z


    Ok, this happens each and every time I fight (i allways use Gohan). When they crash me to the ground, and start tapping the jump button to get away quickly, my character model just starts moving up and down but actually can't get away. This seems like a bug to me. In addition i would like to ask...
  4. W

    Recovering Quastion

    ok well i got just 1 quastion: there are sometimes that after some1 hits me i push all the buttones of ESF i recover very fast right after some1 hits me! now i just want to know after some1 hits me how can i recover soo fast?
  5. Scorcher2k

    Recovering from melee

    I find it annoying when I get hit up in the air and then I automatically start flying. I was just wondering what people would think of an idea to make recovering into 2 decisions. 1. Recover by doing a straight struggle against the force which would stop you in mid air flying. This would be...