1. U


    Like in street fighter 4, which you can record your gameplay, if your in good day for example and replay it as many times you want. So basically, you can record a demo in goldsource when you are actually ingame by typing in the console "record something" and then stopping it by "stop". But...
  2. T

    Recording Software

    Hi Guys I´m wondering if there is another recording software like fraps around which runs definatly on vista. I just installed the latest fraps but doesn´t make working movies for me. Also: How can i make the movies smaller after recording them? Fraps movies are around 400 mb for 30...
  3. KarrdeKNR

    Recording what the speakers are playing

    So I'm looking for a way to record the sound that is outputting through my speakers at a given time. The trick is, although I remember how to do this on XP, I've got no clue on how to manage it on vista. Thoughts?
  4. RavenTrunks

    Recording From Tv to PC

    I'm trying to figure out a way to be able to basicly capture whats on a tv next to my monitor. Like lets say i want to record myself playign a game for whatever reason, could i use s-video for that or do you need a specific kind of hardware for this?
  5. -Origin

    Recording 360 gameplay.

    Alright, I think this should belong in Video Gaming.. and if it doesn't.. well move it. Anyway, I have a question. I'm interested in making Gameplay video's of a lot of different games on my 360. Now, I've tried recording with my mobile phone and although it's not too bad a quality (see...
  6. M

    Game Video Recording

    What do I need to recored the video and audio from video game gameplay?
  7. M

    Screen Recording

    I'm looking for software free or not, that can record anything going on on your computer screen, at a high frame rate, so when I export the video, the video won't be skippy.
  8. G

    Check out this recording (guitar content )

    Well I recorded this song today and edited it and I thought it sounded pretty cool. So I decided to share it with yall I've been playing since my late 14's and got serious at 15 during the summer ( practiced quite a bit ) and i'm 16 now.. Enjoy...
  9. KarrdeKNR

    Recording Sound as Direct Output from Speakers

    Ok, I know there's a way to do this, I just don't remember how excatly. Basically, what I'm looking to do is record sound as it comes out of my speaker. This does NOT involve a microphone, but there is some setting, somewhere that points your speaker output to the microphone inpute via...
  10. C


    Well i just recorded a demo . i type viewdemo goku then its start to play but i dont see any model of goku just the map i was playing in ... how to let it view ma models to ?? and sprites etc and is there a converter for the demo files to avi or divx etc ?
  11. Chakra-X

    Sound Recording...

    I just so happen to have my computer litteraly right next to my teelvision, enabling me to get sounds from dvds/video gamees...But I don't really know how to go about doing that without getting low quality sounds. I know esf had sounds from budokai and they sound pretty clear, but even...
  12. I

    Question for Musicians (In terms of recording equipment)

    (Click the provided links to see the products) Alright, I'm trying to update the equipment to my "home studio" and I stumbled across a situation. I've found a MICROPHONE CABLE that is pc compatable and can be directly inputed. But I want to know if the Behringer B1 microphone I'm purchasing is...
  13. tekhsheen


    i know how to recors n stuff and i have a problem, i can only play the demo in steam, is there any other way to play the recorded demo on winamp or any other video program? is so what? :warning: :confused: :warning: :confused:
  14. E

    Error recording a demo

    every time a try to record a demo in esf, the weapon bar dissapears and the only thing i can do is melee...any idea's?
  15. gpas

    video recording and audio

    quite a while ago one of the esf members posted a tut on how to get video and audio out of half life do any of you know were abouts i could fiund this or tell me how to do it peace out gpas
  16. Warbandit


    Can anyone tell me a good program to use for recording? i use camstudio but when i have my graphics on open gl 1024x768 it records at like 5 fps... if there is any way to fix this please tell me otherwise can someone tell me a better program?
  17. S

    Recording a file for esf.

    Im recording a Teleport file from an episode, but I don't know how to delete the sound in the background. Like the music for instance how do I delete it. I am using Advanced Sound Recorder V6.0. Moved to Off-topic by deverz requested by me - Prozac
  18. D

    Demo recording = cant scroll

    i dont know about the 1.2.1 patch, but in 1.2, whenever I was recording a demo I couldnt switch my attacks anymore... was this fixed, or will it be fixed?
  19. K

    bug with recording demos

    i recorded a demo i playing with trunks ... everything it seems to be ok .. but WTF my self model ( trunks ) .. i dont apear ... its like seen the other players fighting with the invisible man
  20. Z

    Demo recording bug...

    When you try to record a demo, your weapon bar disappears and u are unable to attack with anything except sometimes generic beams. This bug goes away after stop recording the demo, and die/kill yourself.