1. JDeezNutz

    Recorded mobile phone prank

    Hey guys, You know there are a lot of those recorded phone pranks going around where someone rings someone, then plays the recorded sound to them? The only ones I've heard are offensive..anyways, My question is, has anybody on these forums (should have...) have the police recording? The...
  2. Z

    How do i make a demo i recorded a movie?

    How do i make a demo i recorded a movie? And why is it that when i go to watch them they are crappy?
  3. E

    How do i play videos recorded?

    How do i play the videos i made in 1.2 they r .den file and i dont know how to play that file type plz help
  4. grOOvy

    ESF on HL-Radio: Recorded

    For those who missed out on the event, here it is - you can download the whole thing in an MPeg-3 format. DOWNLOAD HERE: ESFstuff mirror Esf-world mirror Thanks to SierraSonic (ESFstuff) for the hosting. EDIT: ESFstuff is the exclusive hoster for this file, but other hosting sites...
  5. JDeezNutz

    The Specialist, my matrix recorded video :D

    i dont know if you have to have The Specialist installed or not just copy the .dem file and put it in the "TS" directory or "HL" directory then open up console and type "playdemo matrix" can someone host it for me?
  6. TehMuffinMan

    V 1.1 Solidus

    well then, this is just an update of my solidus so that it works in 1.1 with no animation errors, ive also totally redone the skin, i ve given in to sexyasian for cleaning up then i can release, this pack will contain new sounds as well that i recorded from the ps2 game. PICS: front...
  7. M

    playing recorded stuff! HOW TO...?

    ABOUT THIS THREAD: . . . . . . . threadid=10677 this sounds interesting (:tired: ) so I just ~: record "name" \ stop "name" right? then If I would like to EDIT\WATCH this film in WINDOWS first of all where can I find it? in which folder? is there a special...
  8. C

    Problems with recorded demo replay

    I can record fine but when I try and replay it shows everything except the actual character. I can get an aura effect and all, but not the character. Ive tried looking back at the archives for the tuturial but when I click on the link, its not there.
  9. Jonesdaniel

    playing demos recorded in-game

    i've just found out you can record the game, in-game and have just tried to open it but i havent got a programme compatable. Can anyone tell one that i can open it with? thanks for any replys in advance
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