1. nemesis2290

    Any recommendation on what GPU to get?

    My price range is up to 300$ max and I was thinking about getting this Is this a decent GPU to upgrade to? I'm currently using a 5770 :P
  2. O

    Obscure Film Recommendation Thread

    I'm good at making list threads, here is another. Make film recommendations here. Please nothing huge and mainstream everyone has heard of (ie Spiderman, etc). I'll start. Dead Alive. Peter Jackson's early work. It has unintentionally? funny scenes of crazy gore. The dialogue is okay, but the...
  3. |Overlord|

    Venice Core 2.8ghz capable board recommendation

    i am deciding what i should get in terms of a nforce4 mainboard. i also am getting a 3200+ venice but can't decide between two boards , ethier a msi k8n diamond or some deluxe dfi board or could someone else recommend a differ board to what i'm thinknig of that will be able to take the 2.8ghz...
  4. G

    Video Card Recommendation

    Im not really big on money for the most expensive and best video cards. And well, tommorow, im going out to buy a decent video card. My parents kinda gave me nothing more then anything over that of $60 right now, and im hoping to find a really decent one to use for my video capture device and...
  5. S

    kick-off Melee recommendation

    O_O when ppl are in advance melee...sometimes others will get their beams charged up waiting 4 the melee to finish....then the ones in melee are **** in order to couter this you need alot of l337 skillz...or in the newer version they can make it so that say u hold jump key in melee and...
  6. S

    A recommendation to the creators of ESF

    Plz by all means.. when the next version comes out...disable the pause ability plz! I play on servers 24/7 that alwayz abuse the pause priviledge...even when they aren't messes the game up and causes severe aggrivation... also it messes up the server and it crashes...losing all...
  7. DragonDude

    Recommendation For A Gamer-Friendly Firewall

    Well, it finally happened. I'm finally leaving the world of slow, weak, disconnecting 56k, and getting wonderful 1.5MB/ps cable connection... in two weeks... I'm gonna die waiting...but that's not the point of the thread, the point is...well, read the title. :P The only 'good' firewall I know...
  8. E

    Sig attempt

    I'm not very good at making sigs. But I was just trying some things in photoshop today. So let me know what you think. I don't plan on necessarily using it. but critiques are welcomed.
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