1. M

    What Have You Been Playing Recently?

    XBOX Jade Empire Sudeki 2 decent games, I never thought that the Xbox actually had some good games, these are keeping my interest thus far though.
  2. T

    Kai Suit Gohan

    Wasn't there a Gohan Kai suit model released at one time? anyone have the link for it? i think sxyasian86 did it...thanks.
  3. Tassadar

    Majin Trunks

    My 3rd edit, it little more complicated than the others. A little more than a recolor, I drew the M on his forehead obviously, recolored his sword and sheathe. Also took off the patch that said capsule corp and replaced it with an M. Heres a pic. This guy actually took me about an hour and a...
  4. Wangster

    its getting DAMN HOT in herrrrr

    lol, my lil bro made his second WP! w00t, its sooooo hot. crits? opinions? owyeah, i already told him imaged are badly cut. so darn hot. :yes:
  5. G

    model installation

    hey guys, i just recently got esf, and its a hype mod for hl, ive managed to install some custom models because they overwrite the one's in the directory, just one question, i got an adult goku gt and where do i put that, does it have to overwrite the old goku to be able to work in the game...
  6. HitmanXtreme


    This is my second map I wanna make. It's on the destroyed kai planet, where Goku, Vegeta and Boo fought. Here are some screens from the map. me want crits
  7. SA_Gohan

    Mirai Trunks

    Hello all. Just something I've done recently. Future trunks for dbu (jk2 version) crits and comments are welcome average polycount is 2066
  8. S

    photoshop question

    my brother recently got photoshop 7, and so i decided that i might as well start using it so i did, now after 2 weeks of using it, i got to blending options (aka little F button) and photoshop freezes, i've ran norton, checked to see if it was low on ram, i havent downloaded any fonts yet so if...
  9. Morrone

    Need Help With Sounds

    Well I guess this is the best place to put it. Since sound is a type of artwork. Ok, well I have finally gotten into customizing my own sounds from the shows. It is simple to replace the attack sounds but I have recently come into a problem in the transform sounds. When I replace them and...
  10. V

    when i register for ms3D where do i put the registration code???

    i registered recently but i dont know where to put the code?
  11. Messiah Daz

    Compile My Map

    I read bout the zhlt or whatever but I dont get it I just made my first map and cant compile it can anyone simplify it for me?
  12. I

    I need some map Ideas.

    I need some good map ideas for a beginner, ones that would be fairly easy to do... but would take more than 5 minutes :). Also.. I recently made a map. It has a large arena in the middle and a big cage surrounding it. When you run into the cage your insta-killed. Dont know why i wanted to share...
  13. SA_Gohan

    Animation Exporting

    Okay, I've started getting into animating recently and have made a few poses, mostly idle and power up anims in gmax, and I want to export them to the md3 format through tempest. I do that, but when I import the file into milkshape so I can export it to the file format I need (.smd), none of the...
  14. [SAS]Orion

    Ut2k3 wallpaper

    I made a wallpaper cos I love the game so much:tired:
  15. ?

    Can some one tell me where i find new maps?

    HI all Can some one tell me where i can get the news maps i dont now it,because i am new here !:idea: Sorry for my english ,i am german
  16. X

    i'm gonna try mapping again soon!:boos:

    well recently i thought of a good easy level to make for esf it isn't all together yet but i'm hoping that this time i try i am sucessful :D oh yeah and i need a short instruction on how to make cavern type areas in my map.