1. Shuyin

    Msn received file annoyance

    Whenever i receive a file (might just be pictures) the received file link doesn't show up anymore. So i have to hunt through all my msn crap to find it. Anyone here ever had this problem?
  2. Jonesdaniel

    Latest Reputation Received

    What does the Latest Reputation Received thingy mean in my user cp?
  3. N

    My Models

    I've registered ([email protected]!) Milkshape so now I can create models as long as I want... At the moment I'm making Guldo (the short green guy from the Ginyu Force), and I've almost completed him. I only have to make the shoulder padding and the head now, but those are quite detailed, so it takes the...
  4. K

    New sigmakers in town

    We are not the greatest, but we get a good, quick job done. Koblano (me) and .F.M. are now open for sigmaking. You can catch us on AIM (alphakoblano or Axel 1010) or just ask us in a post. WE ARE NOT COMPETING WITH THE COMMUNITY!!! We are just bored of not doing anything, and decided to...